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  • The Butterly is a symbol for transformation. Celebrate your never ending transformation with this powerful talisman. This pendant is completely handmade with ancient jewelry making techniques of 22k gold - from alloy to sheet, wire and granules, featuring Boulder Opals, Pink Sapphires and a Blue Sapphire briolette bead.

    Read about Pink Sapphires and Opals in the STONE & METAL PROPERTIES section.

  • GOLD
    Formed by a star exploding, a supernova, Gold possesses golden ray light, the master healer. Activates 3rd eye and the crown chakras. A conduit to the divine and communion with source. Opens spirituality. Balances the heart chakra. Calms anger. Aids purification, cleanses negative energy of whole self (mind, body, soul). Lightens (eases) trauma, burdens and depression. The homeopathic remedy made from Gold, Aurum Metallicum is the remedy for depression, deep sadness and grieving. Gold nurtures INNER BEAUTY to allow it to rise from within the self, SELF ACTUALIZATION.

    Blue ray 3rd eye and throat activation. Higher self access, inner vision, and fosters trust in intuitive knowing. Deepens self awareness. Enhances learning, focus and insight.

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