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Allow me to introduce myself, Alexis Idone, Pure Bella NYC is my world. I was born and raised in NYC, my savior in the concrete jungle of life has always been creating and celebrating light, color, form, spirit, the interconnected matrix of life and all things of the earth. After many moons designing in the corporate world, and then staying up late nights driven to work on my artistic endeavors, I chose to leave the hollow grind to follow my heart. And there, at the core of things is to bring more LOVE into the world through what I create, to make tools to help open hearts to more pure bella LOVE. From raw materials to completion, I craft each and every part of the whole with purpose and connection to intention. It is my deepest pleasure to weave my magic for you, to bring meaning and value into form physically and digitally with a dedication to craftsmanship, materials, and vibration, be that with rocks or fonts.

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