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Heart Opening Tools.

Guided by Gaia.

Elevate and expand the garden of the heart.

It's a love thing.



The original design of the Atlantis ring was made out of clay and came from the tomb of King Amenhotep in Egypt. Many moons later, a dear friend, an artist and healer, gifted me a version of it in silver, telling me of its design bringing positive energy to the wearer. A deep love for ancient Egypt, the pyramids, sacred geometry, and amulets inspired me to create my version with refined proportions and keen attention to craftsmanship. Explore more about the design's meaning on The Atlantis Ring page.



My love for pyramids was sparked the first time I laid eyes on the pyramids at Giza, and this design connects with the ancients and that origin. I have been using the pyramid as a tool for decades working with copper pyramids and pyramid charging stations with rocks and elixirs. In my experience, the pyramid has the ability to draw in and change energy, cleanse and charge, both downwards within its structure and upwards out of it's peak. I was inspired to create wearable pyramid power grids, to help cleanse, energize, elevate and empower the wearer. There is inexplicable magic in the structure of the pyramid, containing sacred geometry's building blocks of the triangle ~ harmony, strength, enlightenment, manifestation, and the square - foundation, balance, stability, grounding. The combined shapes, the four triangular angled sides rising from the square foundation to its point create "the spiral" ~ the Golden Ratio, a DNA-like spiral, drawing energy from above it's highest point to what is within and below, and up and out that spiral the energy within ascends up out its peak. There is an energy exchange to and fro, connecting the heavens to earth, universal higher consciousness to the physical, and directing its energy within elevate + power what is above. My exploration of the pyramids feels like it will never be over, for now check out my Pyramid Power ~ Power Grid Collection.




The Sun pendant is a totem, the design a representation of one's inner sun. A talisman to empower your power, a celebration of you! The earth fits 109x across the face of the sun. It holds the entire Solar system together with its gravitational pull, SOLAR POWER. The sun is in a whole other category than the other planets. It symbolizes our solar purpose, our core, spiritual center. The sun is the source of life. Gold is the perfect material to exemplify the sun, it is created by a star exploding, a supernova, many billions of years old. Amazing how it always has a light and glow that hearkens to the power of its origin. This pendant is completely handmade with ancient jewelry making techniques of 22k gold - from alloy to sheet, wire and granules. It incorporates the symbol for the sun, the circle the whole continuum of you, the center of the four granules (a nod to the four directions) represent your your origin, your central spark. The three sun charms that hang are a representation of our sun within, the central sun of our solar system, and the galactic sun.



The Butterly is a symbol for transformation. Celebrate your never ending transformation with this powerful talisman. This pendant is completely handmade with ancient jewelry making techniques of 22k gold - from alloy to sheet, wire and granules, featuring Boulder Opals, Pink Sapphires and a Blue Sapphire briolette bead.




Spray a little love on it!

The Gem Elixir Sprays are about utilizing the vibration of gems to expand LOVE within the garden of the heart. Whether the elixirs are sprayed upon rising at the start the one's day, before your meditation practice, or to cleanse the vibe of your space, these wellness sprays seek to harmonize the whole self and activate sacred space anytime, each in their own unique way. The formulas are infused with the healing vibration of stones, gems, precious metals and light. Custom Gem Elixirs and Guided by Gaia personalized Stone Bundles are special items also available, please email inquiries.


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