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  • Ahhhh, the glowing golden Rose, a primitive Rose, a symbol of LOVE and the Anahata, heart chakra, open and radiant with a light at the center, and a blossom refected on the inside, with the same spark, sending love inward. Made of 18K Gold and 3pt Diamonds. This ring is made to order, please allow 3 weeks turn around time.

    Prices may vary according to size.

    Read about Diamond and Gold in the STONE AND METAL PROPERTIES section.

    7 DWT WT

  • GOLD
    Formed by a star exploding, a supernova, Gold possesses golden ray light, the master healer. Activates 3rd eye and the crown chakras. A conduit to the divine and communion with source. Opens spirituality. Balances the heart chakra. Calms anger. Aids purification, cleanses negative energy of whole self (mind, body, soul). Lightens (eases) trauma, burdens and depression. The homeopathic remedy made from Gold, Aurum Metallicum is the remedy for depression, deep sadness and grieving. Gold nurtures INNER BEAUTY to allow it to rise from within the self, SELF ACTUALIZATION.

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