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  • The Atlantis Ring, handmade with a dedication to craftsmanship and a deep love for ancient Egypt, sacred geometry and spiritual lore. A perennial amulet, empowering the modern warrior for today's world. The ring has substance, a presence, a metal weight honoring the beauty and vibrations of the Gold. Gold is not formed on earth, it is created by a star exploding, a supernova. It is older than the planet Earth, many billions of years old. Amazing how it always has a light and glow that hearkens to the power of its origin. Read about Gold in the METAL PROPERTIES section.


    The original design for this ring was made out of clay, it came from the tomb of King Amemhotep in Egypt. Many moons later, a dear friend, who was an artist and healer, gifted me a version of it, telling me of its design bringing positive energy to the wearer. She was also a channel and clear accessed information about the ring: 


    "The ring's design connects the energies between Atlantis and Lemuria with a grid of three lay lines to produce a constant state of positive and productive vibrations". 


    See more of the channeled information in the ABOUT THE DESIGN section.

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