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  • This 5x5 pyramid grid pendant is created in 18k yellow gold set with diamonds within the grid. My love for pyramids was sparked the first time I laid eyes on the pyramids at Giza, and this design connects with the ancients and that origin. I have been using the pyramid as a tool for decades working with copper pyramids and pyramid charging stations with rocks and elixirs. In my experience, the pyramid has the ability to draw in and change energy, cleanse and charge, both downwards within its structure and upwards out of it's peak. I was inspired to create wearable pyramid power grids, to help cleanse, energize, elevate and empower the wearer. There is inexplicable magic in the structure of the pyramid, containing sacred geometry's building blocks of the triangle ~ harmony, strength, enlightenment, manifestation, and the square - foundation, balance, stability, grounding. The combined shapes, the four triangular angled sides rising from the square foundation to its point create "the spiral" ~ the Golden Ratio, a DNA-like spiral, drawing energy from above it's highest point to what is within and below, and up and out that spiral the energy within ascends up out its peak. There is an energy exchange to and fro, connecting the heavens to earth, universal higher consciousness to the physical, and directing its energy within elevate + power what is above.


    Here featured in Gold, a fascinating metal that is created by a star exploding, a supernova, please explore more about Gold in the Metal Properties section below. It is also available in in other precious metals on special order.


    This design can incorporate diamonds within the grid of the pyramids with the intention of amplifying and connecting the pyramid with the stars.


    Please allow 30 days for creation. Prices subject to change depending on the spot price of gold.

  • GOLD
    Formed by a star exploding, a supernova! Gold possesses golden ray light, the master healer. Activates 3rd eye and the crown chakras. A conduit to the divine and communion with source. Opens spirituality. Balances the heart chakra. Calms anger. Aids purification, cleanses negative energy of whole self (mind, body, soul). Lightens (eases) trauma, burdens and depression. The homeopathic remedy made from Gold, Aurum Metallicum is the remedy for depression, deep sadness and grieving. Gold nurtures INNER BEAUTY to allow it to rise from within the self, SELF ACTUALIZATION.

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